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Happy Couple Save Money on FEGLI

You don’t always get what you pay for.

Through our years of helping federal employees maximize their benefits we noticed one very consistent and common theme—everyone one of our clients was overpaying for FEGLI.  

In fact, it was a downright waste of money.

Let's be clear, having life insurance is definitely NOT a waste of money. In fact, it is a vital aspect of any financial plan.  As opposed to other things we buy, like vacations, a good steak dinner or great tax advice, there is almost NO value for paying more for life insurance.

So why pay more for FEGLI?  We see a lot of hard-earned money used for FEGLI premiums that could be better used to buy less expensive insurance and redirect the savings to any of the following:

  • Pay down home mortgages
  • Save more into the Thrift Savings Plan
  • Save for college
  • Shore up an emergency fund (remember the shutdown?)
  • Take a family vacation.  

FEGLI does not discriminate on health so healthier people subsidize the cost of the unhealthy.  If you’re one of the healthy, your paying for someone else as well.  

As an independent insurance agency working within an established federally focused financial planning firm, we carefully analyze your FEGLI coverage and then shop the A Rated insurance carrier we work to ensure you can get the right coverage for less money. 

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