About Our Founder-Tony Bucci

“Making a difference and being a positive force in peoples lives in the only thing that matters, to me, our team and this firm. When it comes to financial matters, opinions often masquerade as facts. That’s a dangerous thing. Our biggest value is helping clients cut out the noise, clarify what it is truly important in their lives, and create a plan that works for them.”

Starting in 2005 with one retiring letter carrier, Anthony Bucci built Mission Point Planning to guide federal employees through the myriad of financial decision on their way to, and through retirement.  Anyone can find lots of information about financial planning and retirement. But federal employees really do have unique financial planning considerations that go beyond traditional financial planning. 

Mission Point Federal Benefits was created as a stand along agency in 2019.   

"As a financial planner, I came across a lot of predatory insurance sales people targeting my clients with high fee, high commission products.  However, I also knew that FEGLI rates were astronomical and costing FEDS their hard earned income.   Rather than leaving my clients and the Federal community with no other choice, we created an agency that only works with Feds and Postal Employees that embraces the same fiduciary standard we adhere to on the financial planning side."

Tony’s expertise has been now nationally recognized.  He has been interviewed on Federal News Radio and is a regular writing contributor on FedSmith, one of the largest Federal Employee blogs in the country.